What is a good salary in Jeddah?

Finding a job that pays well and is within your expertise can take time and effort, especially in a city like Jeddah. Luckily for those searching for jobs in Jeddah, the article “What is a good salary in Jeddah?” reviews some of the average salaries for different jobs.

What is a good salary in Jeddah?

According to the website “The Daily Mail”, the average salary in Jeddah is SAR102,000 (£24,869) per year. This is lower than the national average of SAR123,000 (£30,158) but higher than Riyadh’s average of SAR75,000 (£18,711). However, according to a survey by HSBC Bank, 70% of employees in Jeddah feel underpaid.

The website “Jobvite” lists several positions within Jeddah with an average salary of SAR100,000 (£22,059). These include sales representatives (SAR116,000-SAR146,000), human resources managers (SAR130,000-SAR170,000), and marketing managers (SAR140,000-SAR190,000).

According to the website “The Daily Mail”, the average salary in Jeddah is SAR102,000 (£24,869) per year.

How much money should you expect to make?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the amount of money you can expect to make will vary depending on your qualifications, experience and location. However, if you are looking for a starting salary in Jeddah, we can offer you some tips.

According to data from Indeed.com, the average salary for a software engineer in Jeddah is SAR 193,000 per year. This figure increases if you have experience or hold an esteemed qualification, with salaries reaching SAR 248,000 and SAR 303,000, respectively. Wages are also higher in bigger cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah than in smaller towns or rural areas.

Suppose you are prepared to put in the effort and want to further your career opportunities in Saudi Arabia. In that case, we advise you to seek a degree from a prestigious university such as King Saud University or Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz University. These institutions offer quality education at very affordable rates and will help increase your chances of finding a good job in Saudi Arabia.

Salary ranges for different jobs

There are many jobs in Jeddah that offer a good salary. Jobs that usually pay well include medical, education, and business positions. In general, salaries for jobs in Jeddah range from around SR5000 to SR20000 per month.

Some of the highest-paying jobs in Jeddah include:





Factors affecting salaries

Salaries in Jeddah range from SR500,000 to SR2 million, depending on experience and qualifications. The average salary is around SR1.5 million. In addition to wages, many expatriates also receive allowances and benefits such as housing, health care, and a retirement plan.

Some factors affecting salaries in Jeddah include the region’s economy, the company’s size, and the employee’s qualifications.


If you’re looking to find out what the average salary in Jeddah is, or if you’re just curious about the general trend of wages in Saudi Arabia, read on! According to The National, the median salary in Jeddah is SAR109,000 annually. This means that while the average compensation varies from region to region and company to company, people earn around SAR109,000 yearly in Jeddah. Given that housing costs can be quite high in Jeddah (around 50% of your monthly income), any job you take must pay well above your monthly expenses. If you’re considering moving to Saudi Arabia and want to know the typical wages for different professions and regions throughout the country, keep reading!

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